Photographing My Art

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
John and I are working on photographing my work so that I can be made into giclee prints. John bought a new Sony A350 camera (14mp) to do the job. Next we had to figure out the lighting. This is a NON-professional way to light the work. With the 500w bulbs, it would only be safe to leave them on for a very short time. We got 2 umbrellas from Cord Camera and rigged up 2 GE Photofloods, 2 tripods and clip on lights.

We are still experimenting with the best exposure. When I went to use Photoshop in my new MacBook I found out that I needed Photoshop 6, so that delayed us while I got a free trial. We'll be back at it today, when John gets home. (I'm off school because of spring break!)


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Stacey Renee

Stacey Renee


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