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Monday, March 23, 2009
There is an approximately 10x10 space in my basement that has become my painting studio. With lots of lighting and a ventilation are the 4 wall of my basement painting studio.
This is the painting area. In the background is a wall made from birch panel (unfinished) that I can hang work on for storage, and to see paintings from a distance.

My pallet is an old window that I painted white on the opposite side. Lots of brushes, wax paste, and an old jar with a brush cleaner inside. Natural Turpenoid for a hand cleaner.

To the right of the painting area are two huge storage shelves that my mother-in-law found on Craigs List. They also serve as a place to prop up work for storage and for seeing from a distance. They are very valuable storage space for finished work and blank panels and canvases etc...
Behind the painting area is my sewing machine and two unfinished landscape quilts. (There is a brown fabric peeking out from under the top quilt.) This is a pretty small area for sewing. When I work on the quilts, I'll move everything to my upstairs studio that has a big work space for sewing or painting watercolors.
These two shelves serve as a wall separating my studio from the rest of the basement. Lots of toxic stuff, tools, sketchbooks, music, etc...

Here it is from a distance...cozy...just enough room to work.

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  1. I understand cozy just enough room to work... of my working area. Met you in basement Church in Columbus off High Street. Painted a GTS6Orange version... #7 is on my old NYC easel that I found in garbage in Manhattan that someone threw out out years ago.


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