Artwork at City Hall

Saturday, March 28, 2009
I filled the showcase in the lobby of our City Hall with my "plein-air" work. The board in the lower left explains that "plein-air" is a French term and usually refers to painting outdoors. I also gave an explanation of where each of the paintings was painted. I also hung two larger painting in the loby area.

Sage Landscape, an oil and beewax on panel, painted 2007-9.

Georgie's Look, a watercolor batik on rice paper, painted in 2008

Photographing My Art

Tuesday, March 24, 2009
John and I are working on photographing my work so that I can be made into giclee prints. John bought a new Sony A350 camera (14mp) to do the job. Next we had to figure out the lighting. This is a NON-professional way to light the work. With the 500w bulbs, it would only be safe to leave them on for a very short time. We got 2 umbrellas from Cord Camera and rigged up 2 GE Photofloods, 2 tripods and clip on lights.

We are still experimenting with the best exposure. When I went to use Photoshop in my new MacBook I found out that I needed Photoshop 6, so that delayed us while I got a free trial. We'll be back at it today, when John gets home. (I'm off school because of spring break!)

The Painting Studio

Monday, March 23, 2009
There is an approximately 10x10 space in my basement that has become my painting studio. With lots of lighting and a ventilation are the 4 wall of my basement painting studio.
This is the painting area. In the background is a wall made from birch panel (unfinished) that I can hang work on for storage, and to see paintings from a distance.

My pallet is an old window that I painted white on the opposite side. Lots of brushes, wax paste, and an old jar with a brush cleaner inside. Natural Turpenoid for a hand cleaner.

To the right of the painting area are two huge storage shelves that my mother-in-law found on Craigs List. They also serve as a place to prop up work for storage and for seeing from a distance. They are very valuable storage space for finished work and blank panels and canvases etc...
Behind the painting area is my sewing machine and two unfinished landscape quilts. (There is a brown fabric peeking out from under the top quilt.) This is a pretty small area for sewing. When I work on the quilts, I'll move everything to my upstairs studio that has a big work space for sewing or painting watercolors.
These two shelves serve as a wall separating my studio from the rest of the basement. Lots of toxic stuff, tools, sketchbooks, music, etc...

Here it is from a distance...cozy...just enough room to work.
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